Velvet Candy Entertainment LLC, in conjunction with Dennis Hensley Productions and Wait...What? Productions annnouces the completion of production on "Screening Party". "Screening Party" , is an uproarious short feature based on a chapter from the best-selling book SCREENING PARTY by Dennis Hensley. It's the story of how art-even art that's not really art like "Pretty Woman"- can affect people's lives in ways both ridiculous and profound. Starring Dennis Hensley (writer on "Lovespring International" and the feature film "Testosterone", author of "Misadventures in the (213)"), Ossie Beck ("Munich"), Tony Tripoli ("Fashion House"), Erin Quill ("Avenue Q"), Felix Pire ("Phat Girlz"), and Nora Burns. ("The Nellie Olesons "). Directed by Chil Kong ("Pollen") with cinematography by Ivan Corona ("Socket"). The story centers on 6 diverse friends who come together to watch, recall and skewer the movies that we all know and love; films that, for better or worse, mattered to the people who saw them. Using these films and their themes as a point of departure, the story explores the lives of these characters; their hopes and dreams, fortunes and foibles, lusts and heartbreaks, and how the ritual of getting together once a week comes to mean more to them than they ever would have imagined. This is a story about friendship and going after your dreams. Our supporting cast includes Chil Kong (seen recently on "House" and "Lost"), Todd Christian Hunter (seen recently on "Shark"), Bridgette Wright ("Socket") and the mother-son team of Judi Evans Luciano ("Days of Our Lives") and Austin Michael Luciano. Look for more information on "Screening Party" soon!


SOCKET...Almost ready to plug in...

Velvet Candy's first film SOCKET is in it's final stages of post-production. Very soon we'll be ready to decide how and when we'll distribute it to get the best exposure for all the talented people who helped make it happen.

You make ask, what is SOCKET all about?

The Film

SOCKET is a dark and sexy science fiction story dealing with people who have been struck by lightning and discover that they come out of the experience with an insatiable addiction to the electrical current, leading them to commit acts they never dreamed possible.

This feature film features leading characters who are incidentally gay, adding a unique layer to an already innovative concept.

A co-production of Dark Blue Films and Velvet Candy Entertainment, LLC, SOCKET features electrifying performances by an awesomely attractive cast of up-and-coming actors. Directed by writer/co-producer Sean Abley with lush cinematography by Ivan Corona.

SOCKET stars the super sexy and talented duo of Derek Long ("The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror") and Matthew Montgomery ("Long Term Relationship" and "Gone, But Not Forgotten").

Our amazing supporting cast includes Alexandra Billings (seen recently on both "Grey's Anatomy" and "ER") as Dr. Emily Andersen, Rasool J'Han (featured in "Cold Mountain" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer") as Carol, Allie Rivenbark ("The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror") as Olivia, plus Sean Abley, Jay Costelo, Georgia Jean, Victor López, Amy Sidney, Sandy Lawson, and Alisha Seaton as "the group".

Also appearing in smaller roles are Andrew Pinon, Bobaloo Koenig, Krista Pelen, Shanee Wilson, Staci Mallett, Rhoda Pell, Mari Marks, Timothy J. Hearl, Doug Prinzivalli, Tony Spatafora, Shannon Lee, Erin Scott, Ray Tutano, Eddie Borey, Brad Taylor, John Carrozza, Jessica Jones and Gage Hubbard.

More soon...