PRETTY Season 2 - The First 3 Episodes!






What's Up with Velvet Candy?

Hey Velvet Candy fans, here's a quick update on our slate of diverse projects.
• RUBDOWN - Dennis Hensley's sexy short continues to screen at festivals. Upcoming fests include Long Beach Q Festival (October 10), Reeling 2010: The 29th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival, (November 4-13) and 2010 Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival (November 12-14).
• PRETTY - Season One of Steve Silverman's award-winning web hit will screen Long Beach Q Festival (October 10). Season Two is in production as I type this, with a scheduled November 1 premiere date. Look for a teaser and trailer soon.
• THE MIKADO PROJECT - Chil Kong's gleeful Gilbert & Sullivan musical-comedy continues to screen at festivals. Next up: 2010 Asian Pacific American Film Festival in Washington, DC (October 8)

Other Projects:

• QWERTY - Chil Kong's sexy office comedy is in post-production. More exciting news soon.

• SOCKET 2 - A sequel to Sean Abley's sci-fi thriller is in development as we continue to talk to possible production partners.

• WILDCAT ROAD - It may be on the back-burner, but WILDCAT ROAD is never off the map.

• STRANGE RELATIONS - After some amazing feedback from various sources, a new draft of the screenplay is in progress.


RUBDOWN: World Premiere Saturday June 19 @ Frameline SF

Velvet Candy's latest project with writer/director Dennis Hensley (SCREENING PARTY, REUNION) is a naughty little treat called RUBDOWN - and it has it's World Premiere on Saturday June 19 at San Francisco's world-famous Frameline LGBT Film Festival. It will screen first as part of the popular FUN IN BOYS' SHORTS program at 11AM in the Castro Theater and then again on Sunday June 26 at 2PM when the program is repeated. Looking forward to being back in the greatest city in the world.

PRETTY - Behind The Sequins


Velvet Candy Update

Hey Velvet Candy fans, just a quick update to tell you what's happening in our world.

• Our most current co-production, QWERTY, an outrageous office comedy from director Chil Kong has just wrapped production. More news on this soon.

RUBDOWN, a new short by Dennis Hensley premieres at Frameline34 in San Francisco on June 19. More festival dates to be announced soon.

PRETTY continues to gain more fans and viewers online, as we and Steve Silverman prepare a second sweet and scandalous season and screen at festivals like the LA Comedy Festival where it was named a BEST IN THE FEST winner!

• Chil Kong's THE MIKADO PROJECT had a gala world premiere screening recently at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival with more festival screenings to be announced soon.

• THE DEFENDERS by Keith Hartman has had over 85,000 views on YouTube and will screen at several film festivals including Philadelphia QFest.

• Dennis Hensley's REUNION recently screened at the San Diego FilmOut and can be seen on Logo's website.

• SCREENING PARTY can now be seen in 4 segments on YouTube.

and finally...

• SOCKET continues to gain a cult following as we await the go-ahead on the long-awaited sequel.


PRETTY plays the LA Comedy Festival - May 16

PRETTY screens Sunday, May 16 at the LA COMEDY FESTIVAL. For details go here.


THE MIKADO PROJECT World Premiere Announced

Velvet Candy Entertainment's co-production of THE MIKADO PROJECT, a feature film directed by Chil Kong (SCREENING PARTY) will be premiering at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 1st at 9pm at the Directors Guild of America. This marks the world premiere of the film and cast and crew will be in attendance, and will be followed by a Q&A session.

The film  is a musical comedy (based on the stage performance written by Ken Narasaki and Doris Baizley and adapted for film by Chil Kong) of a struggling Asian American theater company that, in a desperate publicity stunt to save their company, decides to produce a modern reconstruction of Gilbert and Sullivan’s, The Mikado, to stir controversy and jolt ticket sales.

The Mikado, one of the most beloved comedy operas by legendary collaborators, Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert, first opened on stage in 1885 in London . The story was set in Japan (considered an exotic land to the British during that era) which allowed Gilbert & Sullivan to satirize British politics. However, by doing so, Asians around the world and Asian Americans today have found this opera hard to embrace—making the notion of Asian American actors performing The Mikado controversial and palatable only through a comedic reconstruction.

With new hip-hopera versions of the Gilbert & Sullivan’s original compositions and dance numbers choreographed by members of the dance troupes, Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez, from MTV's AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW, this is not your grandma's Mikado.

The talented cast includes Raymond J. Lee (from Broadway's Mamma Mia), Allen Liu (Broadway's Flower Drum Song), Rizwan Manji (Charlie Wilson's War), David Lee McInnis (Never Forever), Gerald McCullouch (CSI, Law and Order, NCIS), Erin Quill (Screening Party, Broadway's Avenue Q), Freda Foh Shen (Primal Doubt, Red Doors), Yui Tag (America’s Best Dance Crew), Tamlyn Tomita (Tekken, The Eye) and Ryun Yu (Kissing Cousins).

For more information on THE MIKADO PROJECT and how to purchase tickets, visit www.themikadoproject.com


SOCKET Still Making News...

SOCKET gets a nice mention over at AfterElton.com.


PRETTY Episode 4

The fourth episode of Velvet Candy Entertainment's outrageous hit web series PRETTY is up and running at
prettytheseries.com. Check it out! And then visit DOUGSPLOITATION to read interviews with the cast!
Sam Pancake as Michael,
Stacy McQueen as Annette,
Dee Freeman as Ribina,
Terri Simmons as Parker,
Michael Taylor Gary as Royce,
More great PRETTY news is on the way!


PRETTY Episode 3

The third episode of PRETTY (from Velvet Candy Entertainment) is up & running. Visit PRETTY to watch and become a fan on Facebook!



PRETTY stars Sam Pancake, Stacy McQueen and Terri Simmons (along with series creator Steve Silverman) apppeared on the KTLA MORNING NEWS this morning and yours truly was there to dress the set and make sure that someone mentioned "prettytheseries.com"

Reporter Allie Mac Kay was an absolute joy to meet and to spend the early-morning hours with.

To view the three hilarious segments visit Allie's KTLA Page.


PRETTY Episode 2

The second episode of PRETTY (from Velvet Candy Entertainment) is up & running. Visit PRETTY to watch and become a fan on Facebook!


PRETTY Episode 1

The new web series PRETTY (from Velvet Candy Entertainment) premieres today. If you like TV shows like TODDLERS & TIARAS or LITTLE MISS PERFECT, you'll love this new take on the world of child beauty pageants! Visit PRETTY to watch and become a fan on Facebook!



Here's the final part of SCREENING PARTY.



Here's the part 3 of SCREENING PARTY. For previous parts, see Tuesday and Wednesday's posts.



See yesterday's post for part 1.



Presenting the internet debut of SCREENING PARTY. Here is part one (of four) of the comedy pilot based on the novel Screening Party by Dennis Hensley, produced through Velvet Candy Entertainment. The story goes like this: Six diverse friends get together to watch, skewer and celebrate the classic romantic comedy PRETTY WOMAN and discover that movies themes--sex, love, money, shopping--reverberate in their lives in unexpected, funny and occasionally touching ways. The pilot stars Ossie Beck, Nora Burns, Dennis Hensley, Felix Pire, Erin Quill and Tony Tripoli. Tune in for part two tomorrow.



There's an awesome in-depth 6-page article on the making of SOCKET in the new issue of Scarlet magazine. This special "horror that dare not speak it's name" issue also looks at the lesbian classic VAMPYROS LESBOS and has an interview with popular genre film actor Joe Zaso. You can find Scarlet wherever fine film magazines are sold.


PRETTY: Cast & Crew

Premiering February 1 at prettytheseries.com

CAST (in order of appearance)

Sam Pancake as "Michael Champagne"

Stacy McQueen as "Annette Champagne"

Dee Freeman as "Ribina Champagne"

Troy Conrad as "Ethan Champagne"

Terri Simmons as "Parker Kensington-Parker"

Michael Taylor Gray as "Royce Adams"


Steve Silverman - Writer/Director/Executive Producer

John Carrozza - Executive Producer

Thordis Howard - Executive Producer/Wardrobe/Script Supervisor

Doug Prinzivalli - Executive Producer/Production Designer/Art Director

Jim Cannella - Producer

MJ Gardner - First A.D.

Gretchen Warthen - Director of Photography

Rich Mikan - Editor

Alex Steen - Sound

Austen Hoogen - Lighting

Bret Silverman - Original Music

Penny Peyrot - Hair

Ricky Flores - Makeup

Katie McGlynn - Wardrobe

Blayne & Sharon Northington - Wardrobe

Augustus Ceccucci - Production Assistant

Michael Coulombe - Assistant Script Supervisor

Anthony DeCapite - Production Assistant

Kieran Kenney - Production Assistant

Laura Kessler - Set Dresser

Nicole Opyr - Set Dresser

Tim Sheridan - Production Assistant

David Spell - Behind the Scenes

Clair and Jim Tsui - Still Photographers

Veronica Zoleta - Behind-The-Scenes Photographer