What's Up with Velvet Candy?

As Michael Champagne might say "Well, it's been quite a year". Velvet Candy may not have been blogging about our many adventures in Tinsel Town, but we have been quite busy with PRETTY (promoting Season 2 and gearing up for Season 3) while making the festival rounds with RUBDOWN as well as high profile screenings of THE MIKADO PROJECT and wrapping up post-production on QWERTY. With no new projects on the horizon, Velvet Candy hopes to soon revisit some older projects that have been "in turnaround" for quite some time.

Meanwhile PRETTY has been continuing to get press coverage - including an article in EMMY magazine, another one in ABC SOAPS IN DEPTH and our second fun appearance on the KTLA Morning News. Web coverage has been non-stop thanks to the fine folks at We Love Soaps, Blog Talk Radio and Mingle Media TV - considering our last original episode premiered months ago - this is pretty big news. We expect the publicity wagon to get rolling again for Season 3 this fall. By the way, Season 3 is being funded entirely by the fervent PRETTY fanbase.
Meanwhile, RUBDOWN is the little short that just won't quit with screenings at Festivals like THE TORIN GLBT FILM FESTIVAL, THE BOSTON LGBT FILM FESTIVAL, NEW ZEALAND OUTTAKES and THE PALM SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL SHORTFEST. There may be a few more on the horizon before this baby is through.
Hope to have more Velvet candy news soon!