Meeting Ms. Wright

Velvet Candy sat down with one of our favorite actresses and good friends - the lovely and talented Ms. Bridgette Wright for a quick chat.

VELVET CANDY: So, you have roles in both of Velvet Candy's first two co-productions, SOCKET and SCREENING PARTY. In SOCKET you play Tanika, one of the group members and in SCREENING PARTY you make an appearance as Marcos' assistant at the law firm. What was the difference working on a sci-fi film and a comedy?
BRIDGETTE WRIGHT: Well, I think Sci-Fi focuses on the exterior of the character and the set. You have to be really precise when it comes to hair, make-up, etc. because that is so important for building the character and conveying it on the screen for the audience. Comedy is more about letting go of the character and just seeing what happens for the sake of a laugh. I think there is genius in that, when you can just be completely uninhibited and let go. The genius just sneaks in.

VC: Was there a different vibe on each the set? Sean Abley and Chil Kong have very different directing styles.
BW: Absolutely! SOCKET was pretty intense. It can take a lot out of you to make yourself feel like you had electric current running through your body. It was very physical. While we were shooting SCREENING PARTY you had to make sure you didn't destroy a take because you were laughing so hard. I loved every minute of it!

VC: You have two appearances at OUTFEST this year - pretty good for a straight chick! You could be the new Parker Posey! What led you to these projects?
BW: I l-o-v-e Parker Posey by the way! I'll take it!!!! The first thing that led me to SOCKET was the fact that it was Science Fiction. I've always wanted to do sci-fi so it was a "no brainer" really and the writing was good. It had a great story and the writer/director Sean Abley is truly a great person to work for. I just knew it was something I had to do. SCREENING PARTY kind of fell into my lap, so to speak. I had worked for John Carozza and Doug Prinzivalli before, so it just happened. I absolutely loved the script and wanted to be a part of it, no questions asked. This project is what started me looking for more comedic roles.

VC: We've heard mutterings about a possible SOCKET 2‚ any thoughts to where Tanika (if she survives SOCKET) might end up in a sequel?
BW: I haven't heard that rumor but its one rumor I hope is true! Without giving too much away, Tanika might survive SOCKET, but she might not make it out of SOCKET 2 alive. I don't think she'd be able to control her cravings in the sequel. It actually would be great because I really want to "die" in something...and miraculously come back in SOCKET 3!
VC: What's next for Bridgette Wright?
BW: I just wrapped a film a few weeks ago. I plan to attend OUTFEST to promote both films. I'm headed to The LA Film Festival in July, afterwards I'll visit home which is back east for a couple of weeks and then it's back to the grind of landing a gig in Hollywood!

VC: Anything else you'd like to add?
BW: I just want to thank Sean Abley, Doug Prinzivalli, and John Carozza for giving me an opportunity to work in the field that I love. I hope to know and work with them for a long time.

VC: Same here!