PRETTY: Cast & Crew

Premiering February 1 at prettytheseries.com

CAST (in order of appearance)

Sam Pancake as "Michael Champagne"

Stacy McQueen as "Annette Champagne"

Dee Freeman as "Ribina Champagne"

Troy Conrad as "Ethan Champagne"

Terri Simmons as "Parker Kensington-Parker"

Michael Taylor Gray as "Royce Adams"


Steve Silverman - Writer/Director/Executive Producer

John Carrozza - Executive Producer

Thordis Howard - Executive Producer/Wardrobe/Script Supervisor

Doug Prinzivalli - Executive Producer/Production Designer/Art Director

Jim Cannella - Producer

MJ Gardner - First A.D.

Gretchen Warthen - Director of Photography

Rich Mikan - Editor

Alex Steen - Sound

Austen Hoogen - Lighting

Bret Silverman - Original Music

Penny Peyrot - Hair

Ricky Flores - Makeup

Katie McGlynn - Wardrobe

Blayne & Sharon Northington - Wardrobe

Augustus Ceccucci - Production Assistant

Michael Coulombe - Assistant Script Supervisor

Anthony DeCapite - Production Assistant

Kieran Kenney - Production Assistant

Laura Kessler - Set Dresser

Nicole Opyr - Set Dresser

Tim Sheridan - Production Assistant

David Spell - Behind the Scenes

Clair and Jim Tsui - Still Photographers

Veronica Zoleta - Behind-The-Scenes Photographer