WILDCAT ROAD...Live on Stage...The Reviews

So, we had our staged reading of WILDCAT ROAD the other night and it went overwhelming well. The audience was totally into it and they just ate it up. We've received dozens of emails over the past few days fromm audience members telling us how much they enjoyed it.

Here's a small sampling:

"Wanted to express to you again how great I thought the reading was, never have I been that entertained by a screenplay reading - I always go to them to support my friends, but usually it is just for that reason, never is the kind of effort you and Sean made in presentation evident in any of the others I went to - Funny script, really good actors & presentation" - M.S.

"Kudos again for last night. Everyone loved the reading and I thought you all did an awesome job putting it all together. I can't wait to see the real thing go before the cameras." - D.H.

"Congrats on your successful reading last night. I really enjoyed myself." - C.P.

"...a great concept and the script is excellent." - S.L.

"Gents, Last night's reading was really terrific. I found it funny when I read it, but hearing it out loud just
makes all the difference, doesn't it? It was HILARIOUS." - T.S.

"...my boyfriend laughed at the script - he NEVER laughs at readings!!!" - Ms. S.L.