SOCKET Screening at Gaylaxicon 2007!!!

We just got word that SOCKET will be screening at Gaylaxicon 2007 - an annual science fiction, fantasy and horror convention that focuses on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender topics. It takes place in various locations in the United States, usually on the east coast. Started in 1988 in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Gaylaxicon is organized by member organizations of the Gaylactic Network. The Gaylaxian Science Fiction Society (GSFS) is the New England-based chapter of the Network, which organized the original convention and continues to be a driving force behind many of the Gaylaxicons. Gaylaxicon 2007 will be held in beautiful downtown Atlanta, GA on October 5 - 8, 2007 (Columbus Day weekend). All humans, aliens and multi-forms are welcome. We will have more info about the event and our screening soon.
For more info visit the official website here GAYLAXICON 2007