See Tara Devlin and laugh till it hurts...

One of Velvet Candy Entertainment's oldest and best friends is Tara Devlin (that's her with the brilliant Amy Sedaris) - an up-and-coming stand-up comedienne AND the designer of SOCKET's incredible opening & closing titles. You can see Tara performing LIVE ON STAGE in New York City Tuesday, April 17 @ Carolines on Broadway / 6:30pm seating, 7pm show / 1626 Broadway (at 50th St.) 212-757-4100 for reservations SAY "TARA DEVLIN" AND PAY $5 instead of $15
(+ 2 drink minimum)

SOCKET: It's getting closer...


SOCKET: Meet Allie Rivenbark

Allie Rivenbark adds some great comic relief to SOCKET as Olivia, the sassy, outspoken and hysterically funny girlfriend of Carol. Born in the South, but theater-trained in New York City, some of Allie's stage work includes TORN, OCTOBER-HOUSEWIFE the Musical, BURNING HABITS and an off-Broadway role-reversal of JULIUS CAESAR. Most recently she starred in JONI & GINA'S WEDDING. Allie's most recent films include THE GAY BED AND BREAKFAST OF TERROR, THIS WOMAN'S WORK and I HATE ALINA. Allie also is known to do some stand-up from time to time about her southern upbringing and life characters. Velvet Candy looks forward to a bright future for Allie in Hollywood!