SOCKET Premieres on Logo Thursday January 8

Starting the New Year off with a jolt -SOCKET will have it's television premiere on the Logo network on Thursday January 8 at Midnight. For more info visit  the Logo website.


Load...Discharge! SOCKET in France!

Unveiling our provocative new French tagline...and exciting new logo!SOCKET can now be ordered in France through Optimale. The dvd releases on Jan. 21.


REUNION and SCREENING PARTY in Chicago - Nov. 15

Both Velvet Candy Entertainment co-productions– the shorts REUNION and SCREENING PARTY will be screening in Chicago as part of the 27th Reeling Film Festival. The two shorts will be part of the "Funnyboner" program - screening Saturday, November 15th at 12noon at Piperís Alley.Go here for more info.


SOCKET's European Festival Debut in Brussels

We just got word that SOCKET will be screened as part of The Brussels Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in January 2009 in conjunction with its French release on dvd through top French distributor, Optimale. Check back here soon for the debut of of hot new French package design and other exciting news about SOCKET, as we continue to line-up distribution around the world.



SOCKET in Germany!!!

SOCKET will be released on September 25th in Germany by a distributor called Pro-Fun Media. Here's a peek at the awesome dvd design. Look for news about our French release soon!


"Sexy Shorts" SCREENING PARTY and REUNION in Austin, Tx.

Now that I've gotten your attention! Both Velvet Candy Entertainment co-productions– the shorts SCREENING PARTY and REUNION will be screening in Austin, Texas as part of the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival. The two shorts program will be part "Sexy Shorts" screening Friday, September 5th at 3:00 PM at the Alamo Ritz 1. For tickets and more information visit the AGILIFF website.



DOUGSPLOITATION is the blog formerly known as MOVIES THAT MAKE YOU SAY 'HUH?' Now Doug looks at TV, movies, comics, live theater and anything else that is great or not so great about pop culture. Check it out and tell your friends about it!

Get dougsploited!

SOCKET in the UK

Have I mentioned that SOCKET is now on sale in the United Kingdom? Well, it is!

go here to buy it!
News about Germany and France coming soon!



Wednesday June 17th - SOCKET

Dead Channels presented a screening of SOCKET at the Thrillpeddlers Hypnodrome in San Francisco
Actor Matthew Montgomery and Producer Doug Prinzivalli hosted a post-screening Q&A.

Visit Thrillpeddlers website.
Also visit the Deadchannels website.


Saturday June 21st - SCREENING PARTY

SCREENING PARTY had a SOLD OUT screening @ Frameline, the San Francisco GLBT Film Festival - as part of FUN IN BOYS' SHORTS -writer Dennis Hensley and producers John Carrozza and Doug Prinzivalli attended. There will be 2nd screening.

Sunday, June 29, 2:00 PM @ The Castro Theatre (429 Castro Street)

For tickets and information visit Frameline.



We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be included on CINEMANIAC Dennis Dermody's list (reprinted in it's entirety below) in the June-July Issue of PAPER Magazine.

I know, the weather is getting warmer. People are shedding their winter garb and starting to look more buff and attractive. As you stroll the streets, your mind is wandering toward thoughts of love. Well, for God's sake, don't do it. Don't pick up that phone to make that dinner date. Don't introduce yourself to that good-looking stranger at that party. Don't get up the nerve to ask for your co-worker's phone number. Not this year -- especially not this year. In Chinese, this year is the year of the rat, and that should be a tip-off. In the U.S., it's the year of fatal attraction, misery, STDs, and hefty courtroom fees. So when you're at the rental store, don't go pick up An Affair To Remember and Titanic with that dreamy far-off look in your eyes. Remember, Deborah Kerr ends up a hopeless cripple in one and Leonardo DiCaprio drowns in the other. Rent the following 10 movies instead to steel yourself from making that fatal love connection.

Fatal Attraction (Paramount)
Michael Douglas plays a married man who has a one-night-stand with Glenn Close that causes untold misery. The scorned Close stalks him and his family -- even boils their bunny -- and they have to drown the bitch just to get any peace.
Moral: If you think with your dick, it will cost you dearly... Eliot Spitzer.

Primo Amore (Strand)
This bizarre Italian film, the flipside of Feed, is about a lover who whisks his girl to a remote country house and starves her, weighing her daily, until she resembles a strand of spaghetti.
Moral: Jenny Craig is one thing, but a boyfriend who frowns when you eat a potato chip deserves to be fed into a wood chipper.

Crash (New Line)
A couple (James Spader and Deborah Kara Unger) who get off on car crashes hang out with a posse of like-minded people who get boners at the sound of screeching tires and busted glass.
Moral: In love you're just road kill.

Feed (TLA Video)
Women are kept locked up in an abandoned house by a deranged killer who fattens them up (with a funnel) until they get so morbidly obese that they die.
Moral: Fall in love and your boyfriend might turn out to be Jack Sprat.

Irreversible (Lionsgate)
In Gaspar Noe's nightmarish film, told chronologically backwards, a couple go for a lovely evening out, after which the woman gets raped and the boyfriend ends up bashing the wrong guy's head in at a gay bar called the Rectum.
Moral: Every night out with your future date will turn out exactly like this, if not worse.

Kissed (MGM)
A strange girl (Molly Parker) who works at a funeral parlor likes her dates pretty damn stiff and cold, if you get my drift. Her poor boyfriend tries icing his body and keeping very, very still, but it just isn't enough and eventually he has to hang himself in order to be her special date.
Moral: All relationships end with you on a mortuary slab.

Socket (TLA Video)
In this wonderfully deranged, gay sci-fi horror film, a doctor named Bill is struck by lightning and joins a secret society of electricity fiends who meet to hold hands and attach themselves to a live wire for that extra jolt. He and a handsome intern become lovers, but when Bill becomes bored with having to stick a fork in an electrical outlet for a quick thrill, he decides to surgically implant plugs and actual sockets into his and his lover's wrists for easier access. Socket to me!
Moral: Even gay relationships turn out badly, and up your Con Edison bill.

Basic Instinct 2 (Sony)
In this hilarious flop of a follow-up to the notorious Paul Verhoeven film about a female serial killer, a London psychiatrist (David Morrissey) falls in love with the infamous, possible man-killer Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), and before you can sing "London Bridge Is Falling Down," guess what happens?
Moral: You fall for an older woman who looks like Sharon Stone, and she stabs you with scissors. Or, you fall in love and end up in a crappy sequel.

Pretty Woman (Touchstone)
In this much beloved fairytale movie, Richard Gere stars as a wealthy businessman who picks up a hooker (Julia Roberts) and eventually falls for her.
Moral: She's a prostitute, for God's sake. You don't think after one night in bed with her he's going to be brooding about all the horrible old men she's blown? Give me a break.

War of the Roses (20th Century Fox)
Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas play a couple at war against each other for the upper hand in an acrimonious divorce.
Moral: Marry this summer and you'll end up crushed under a chandelier, or my name isn't Alicia Gottlaid.

This story was published on June 11, 2008.


Watch REUNION on CINEMAX-ON-DEMAND thru July 18 or see it at OUTFEST!

REUNION, the short film written and directed by Dennis Hensley (SCREENING PARTY) and co-produced by Velvet Candy Entertainment and Wait...What? Productions is airing on Cinemax-On-Demand channel now thru July 18.

To learn more about the movie, see pics and watch a making-of video visit REUNION

The 11-Minute comedy short stars an amazing talented cast: Kenny Kelleher as Kenny, Marcus Deanda as BJ, Lowen Burg as Ty, Tracy Miller as Danna, Nadya Ginsburg as Maureen, Danielle Vernengo as Trenna, Kirstin Eggers as Traci, John Michael Beck as Dallas and Tracey Rapino as Dottie!

REUNION will also be making it's West Coast premiere at OUTFEST in Los Angeles on July 12 at 1:30 PM at the Directors Guild (7920 Sunset Blvd.) It's part of the program entitled 'The Way I See Things / HBO Shorts.' A reception follows the screening from 3:00 to 4:30 PM in the foyer of the DGA.

Tickets for OUTFEST members are on-sale now. Tickets for non-members go on sale Monday, June 16. They're $12 for non-members, cheaper for members. You can purchase your Outfest tickets by calling 213-480-7065 or online at OUTFEST.


SOCKET: Matthew Montgomery wins Best Actor Award!

FilmOut San Diego has announced the winners of their annual Film Festival Awards - and SOCKET's Matthew Montgomery is among the winners for his role of Craig Murphy in SOCKET, as well as his lead role in Guest House Films' BACK SOON. We are so proud of Matthew and honored to have worked with him...and we look forward to working with him again on future projects.

Here's a rundown of all the awards. Congrats to all the winners!

2008 FilmOut AWARDS:
· Actor in a Feature Film - Matthew Montgomery – BACK SOON & SOCKET
· US Narrative Feature - READY? OK!
· Screenwriting - Casper Andreas & Jesse Archer - A FOUR LETTER WORD
· Actress in a Feature Film - Carrie Preston – READY? OK!
- Actor in Supporting Role – Christian Camargo – PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY
- Actress in Supporting Role - Virginia Bryan – A FOUR LETTER WORD
· International Feature - BOYSTOWN
· Documentary Feature - BETTY DODSON: HER LIFE OF SEX & ART
· Narrative Short Film – THE FRANK ANDERSON
· Documentary Short Film - COMING OUT TRANS
· Cinematography – Brian Jackson - PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY
· Direction - Duncan Roy – PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY


SOCKET - Nominated for Gaylaxicon Spectrum Award

Yes- SOCKET has been Nominated for a 2008 Gaylaxicon Spectrum Award In the eclectic category of "2008 Best Other Work"...

Other Nominees in our category include: the comic books "52" (DC Comics); "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Dark Horse) and "Y: The Last Man" (Vertigo/DC Comics); The TV shows: "Battlestar Galactica" (Universal/Sci-Fi Channel) and "Torchwood" (BBC) and the feature film "Stardust" (Paramount Pictures). I told you it was eclectic!

It is an honor to be in the company of such amazing competition! The awards will be given out at the annual Gaylaxicon gathering. This year's will be held October 10 - 13, 2008 in Washington, DC.


WILDCAT ROAD...Live on Stage...The Reviews

So, we had our staged reading of WILDCAT ROAD the other night and it went overwhelming well. The audience was totally into it and they just ate it up. We've received dozens of emails over the past few days fromm audience members telling us how much they enjoyed it.

Here's a small sampling:

"Wanted to express to you again how great I thought the reading was, never have I been that entertained by a screenplay reading - I always go to them to support my friends, but usually it is just for that reason, never is the kind of effort you and Sean made in presentation evident in any of the others I went to - Funny script, really good actors & presentation" - M.S.

"Kudos again for last night. Everyone loved the reading and I thought you all did an awesome job putting it all together. I can't wait to see the real thing go before the cameras." - D.H.

"Congrats on your successful reading last night. I really enjoyed myself." - C.P.

"...a great concept and the script is excellent." - S.L.

"Gents, Last night's reading was really terrific. I found it funny when I read it, but hearing it out loud just
makes all the difference, doesn't it? It was HILARIOUS." - T.S.

"...my boyfriend laughed at the script - he NEVER laughs at readings!!!" - Ms. S.L.


WILDCAT ROAD...The Pulp Novel?

WILDCAT ROAD...Live on Stage...One Night Only


MISS COCO PERU (Dot) aka Clinton Leupp wrote, produced, directed, and starred in her first show, MISS COCO PERU IN MY GODDAMN CABARET in 1991, which ran for two years in New York at Rose's Turn. Many other shows followed, earning Coco theater awards in New York and Los Angeles. An avid traveler, Miss Coco has also performed her one-person shows in San Francisco, London, Lisbon, aboard a yacht in The Mediterranean, and in Evansville, Indiana. On screen, Miss Coco is best known for her roles in Jim Fall's TRICK (1999 Sundance Film Festival) and Richard Day's GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS (2003 Sundance Film Festival). Coco has appeared on TV in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, WILL & GRACE, Showtime's RUDE AWAKENING, Bravo’s BOY MEETS BOY and WELCOME TO THE PARKER. In June 2005 she taped her very own half-hour television comedy special for LOGO. In October 2007 Coco presented her show sold-out show, UGLY COCO at the Renberg Theatre in LA and Joe's Pub in NYC. Most recently Coco has been appearing in follow-up  GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS short films, recreating her role from that now cult film. visit www.girlswillbegirlsonline.com

PETE SCHERER (Mack) spent his first three years out of theatre school selling organic vegetables and baking bread. Since returning full time to acting in 2007, Pete has played supporting roles in independent feature films, including LUCKY and THE ART OF BEING STRAIGHT, which was recently accepted into the Frameline film festival, and a leading role in the upcoming indie feature PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER. When not acting on stage or screen, Pete scrapes together a living as a voice-over actor from the home studio in his Hollywood apartment.

DYLAN VOX (Jett) - Born in Atlanta, GA., Dylan began as an Olympic level ice skater and decided, after attending law school, to move to Los Angeles to continue performing in a different medium. Dylan has appeared on the big screen in such films SEVEN DEADLY SINS, THIS LIFE, PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER, and is currently in production for the comedy HOMEWRECKER. Dylan has also been featured on the TV shows LAX, FIGHT FOR FAME and can be seen on Spike TV’sMURDER. He is also a regular cast member on here! TV’s soap opera DANTE’S COVE, where his character inspired his own spin off called THE LAIR, which is also airs on here! tv. Dylan plans on being a star…a BIG one.

KEVIN STEA (Kevenn) is one of the most recognized dancers in the industry. He was the associate choreographer, dance captain and dancer on Madonna’s now-legendary Blonde Ambition World Tour, appearing in the film MADONNA: TRUTH OR DARE and the video for “Vogue” as well as Madonna’s unforgettable Edwardian appearance on the MTV Music Video Awards. As a dancer, he has also worked with Gloria Estefan, Prince, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, Smashmouth, Matchbox 20, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson. Kevin has performed in movies including SHOWGIRLS, SISTER ACT 2, NEWSIES, THE BIRDCAGE AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER, CHARLIE’S ANGELS and RENT. Upcoming movies include BOLDEN, and MOVE. Recently, Kevin appeared on the hit ABC series DIRTY SEXY MONEY and can be seen on dvd in NAKED BOYS SINGING : THE MOVIE.

SARA MARAFFINO (Tammy) concentrates on being the bestshe can be at her craft and setting herself apart from therest with her honest, uninhibited approach to dissecting and becoming the character. Sara’s rich emotional life and reckless abandonment lends itself beautifully to the often “damaged” and layered characters she has come to play in gritty dramas, soap operas and black comedies in recent years. Having studied in NYC with some of the most respected and stringent teachers, she prides herself on her professionalism and her tunnel vision on making the project the best it can be through honest and pure experiences. Sara’s recent films include DARK REGRET and CAGED.

NICK SALAMONE (Morton) has appeared in scores of plays in LA, Off and Off Off Broadway and around the English-speaking world. He has been nominated for Britain’s Stage Award as Best Actor at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival as well as the LA Weekly Award and three times for the BSW Garland Award. Nick is also an award-winning playwright whose works have been produced around the U.S. and the U.K. Nick’s work currently can be seen on stage in his play HILLARY AGONISTE, which opens May 9 and runs through June 1 at the STUDIO/STAGE Theater in Hollywood. His most recent film performance is in the soon to be released indie mystery PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER and the recently released indie feature NINE LIVES also starring Dennis Christopher and Debra Wilson.

ALEXANDRA BILLINGS (Mavis) has appeared in dozens of comedies, dramas and musicals on stages across the nation as well as her one woman autobiographical piece BEFORE IDISAPPEAR. In fall of 2003 Alexandra made TV history by being the first transgendered female to play a transgendered female character on television in the ABCTV-movie ROMY AND MICHELLE: A NEW BEGINNING, followed by a role on the series KAREN SISCO. In 2004 she filmed an episode of GREY’S ANATOMY which won a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Episode. She’s also appeared on E.R. In 2007 she completed her first film, SOCKET, directed by her old Chicago pal Sean Abley.

JONATHON WALSMAN (Tug) was born in the small town of Batesville , IN., best known for being the casket making capital of the world. After studying drama and theater, he moved to the Miami area, joining various theatre groups and got the opportunity to do some great plays including HURLYBURLY and some Shakespeare. Jonathon was also able to break into film while in Florida. In 2006 he took the plunge and moved to LA, where he has been studying method acting and appearing in several films including HIGHER SOCIETY. When he’s not working, Jonathon enjoys music, books, and the great outdoors.

TIM HEARL (Sam) Coming to LA by way of the windy city Chicago, Tim Hearl mad his motion picture acting debut in SOCKET. With most of his experience in entertainment coming from the realm of Musical Theater and Stage he welcomes the opportunity to continue to stretch his acting muscle on film. Tim has performed all over the world in various stage shows and productions including extensive work with The Walt Disney Company and various national tours . Currently Tim can be "seen" wearing a Dinosaur Head in commercials for Microsoft Office.

SARAH LILLY (Alice) grew up in Kansas (Dorothy and Toto lived down the road), graduated from Northwestern (BSC), UCLA (MFA) and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She has performed in over 100 plays from musicals to Shakespeare to experimental. She is very proud to have originated the L.A. premieres roles of "Agnes" in Tony Kushner's BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY,"Mrs. Potentate" in Larry Kramer's JUST SAY NO and "Kitty" in Charles Busch's THE LADY IN QUESTION. Recent big screen stuff includes GEORGIA RULE, FAILURE TO LAUNCH as well as small screen MEDIUM. You can always catch Sarah in the cult faves AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON, EATING OUT 2: SLOPPY SECONDS and THE MANGLER REBORN!

DAVID PEVSNER (Cole) TV: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, LAS VEGAS and CRIMINAL MINDS Film: MYOPIA, ADAM AND STEVE and PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER. Theater: CHICAGO, CORPUS CHRISTI, TO BITTER AND BACK (self-written one man musical (LA Weekly Solo Performance Nom), Original LA, NY casts of WHEN PIGS FLY, original NY cast of PARTY. As writer, songs in NAKED BOYS SINGING, ADAM AND STEVE and everything from PRIMETIME LIVE to Playboy TV. Coming soon: THE FANCY BOYS FOLLIES —A VAUDELESQUE and his feature MUSICAL COMEDY WHORE.

JUDI EVANS (Various Chicks) was born in California, and spent her childhood traveling with her the circus family as the “baby clown.” In 1983, Judi made her TV debut on the NY-based CBS soap GUIDING LIGHT as the troubled Beth Raines, winning her the Daytime Emmy for Supporting Actress. In 1986 she moved to LA and joined NBC's DAYS OF OUR LIVES, where she created the popular Adrienne Kiriakis. From 1991-1999, back in NY,she played fan-favorite Paulina Cory Carlino on ANOTHER WORLD and was honored with a Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Supporting Actress. After the cancellation of AW, Evans moved back to LA and starred as Patsy Ramsey in the TV-movie "Getting Away with Murder:The JonBenet Ramsey Mystery" on FOX. In 2003, DAYS OF OUR LIVES lured her back to daytime, allowing her to create the role of white-trash momma Bonnie Lockhart. In 2007, she switched gears and returned to playing Adrienne. As we go to press - Judy was just nominated for a 2008 Daytime Emmy for BOTH of her roles on DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

ALISHA SEATON (Various Other Chicks) originally from Santa Barbara, has been acting since she was seven years old. She received a BA in Theatre from USC. She also received a diploma in Theatre from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. Her most recent work includes a 3-D interactive film on the life of Nellie Bly for a new museum in Washington D.C. and a PSA for the National Endowment of Financial Education. Alisha’s supporting role in SOCKET is a favorite of fan boys and girls everywhere. She is currently employed as an actor for the LAPD Detective Training Unit. For more information: www.alishaseaton.com


Judi Evans nominated for an Emmy!

Our friend Judi Evans, winner of a Daytime Emmy in 1984 for GUIDING LIGHT, was just nominated again for both her roles of Bonnie Lockhart and Adrienne Johnson on DAYS OF OUR LIVES! Judi can also be seen briefly in Velvet Candy's SCREENING PARTY, as well as live on stage as part of our WILDCAT ROAD reading event on May 5th. Congrats, Judi!


WILDCAT ROAD...A Staged Reading

Announcing a staged reading of WILDCAT ROAD, the new screenplay by Sean Abley, story by Doug Prinzivalli & John Carrozza.
May 5th 8PM in Los Angeles. This Special Event is By invitation Only. If you are interested in attending, email us at info@velvetcandyentertainment.com

Fresh off the success of the dvd release of SOCKET, comes WILDCAT ROAD–a black comedy paying homage to 1960's era exploitation films. Three go-go boys hit the road after accidentally killing their boss. Along with the female hostage they pick up along the way, they find danger, action, sex and possibly treasure as they uncover the mystery of the old ranch on Wildcat Road.

WILDCAT ROAD is tenitively scheduled for an autumn 2008 shoot, pending financing.

Coco Peru ("Girls Will Be Girls," "Trick")
Dylan Vox ("The Lair", "Dante's Cove")
Kevin Stea ("Naked Boys Singing", "Showgirls")
Pete Scherer ("Pornography: A Thriller")
Sara Marafino ("Dark Regret", "Caged")
Alexandra Billings ("Socket","Grey's Anatomy")
Sarah Lilly ("Eating Out 2", "Medium")
Nick Salamone ("Pornography: A Thriller", "Nine Lives")
David Pevsner ("Desperate Housewives", "Adam & Steve")
Jonathon Walsman ("Higher Society")
Tim Hearl ("Socket")
Alisha Seaton ("Socket", "A Darker Reality")
Judi Evans ("Days of Our Lives")

REUNION to premiere in Miami on May 2

REUNION, a short film co-produced by Velvet Candy, Wait! What? Productions and Dennis Hensley for HBO's Shout GLBT Short Film Series (Dennis' script was one of three chosen by HBO) will have it's world premiere on May 2 at the Miami Film Festival and also play at Outfest in LA and Provincetown. HBO is tentatively scheduled to air the film on one of its outlets in June.

The film, directed by Dennis (his debut as a director!) is about a TV design show host who returns to his small Arizona town, boyfriend in tow, to attend his 20-year high school reunion--and then some crazy and surprising stuff goes down. It was loosely inspired by Dennis' own reunion.

We shot the film over two days, March 26th and 27th, at Casita Del Campo restaurant in Silver Lake and also at the kitchy Pink Motel in Sun Valley. It was a great opportunity for Velvet Candy to work with cinematographer Joseph White (SHELTER), who did a superb job making LA locations look like Arizona. More to come soon.

SCREENING PARTY in New York & San Francisco!

Our short SCREENING PARTY, co-produced with Wait! What? Productions and Dennis Hensley has been accepted in NewFest 2008, the New York GLBT Film Festival that's held in Manhattan from June 5 to the 15th. Date and time to be announced soon.

Also, we've just been accepted into Frameline, the San Francisco GLBT Film Festival - there will be 2 screenings, both at the Castro Theater – one on 6/21 at 11:00am and the other on 6/29 at 2:00pm.

We hope to see old friends at both these events!


Matthew Montgomery in BACK SOON on DVD

BACK SOON, the supernatural gay romantic drama from our friends at Guest House Films and writer/director Rob Williams (LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP), is coming to DVD on May 27 - and it's available now for pre-order at most major online DVD retailers. The film won the Alternative Spirit Award (Grand Prize) for Best GLBT Film at the 2007 Rhode Island International Film Festival. BACK SOON, stars Windham Beacham (LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP) and Matthew Montgomery (SOCKET; GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN).

More info at TLAVideo.com


Velvet Candy on Instictmagazine.com

The Velvet Candy Entertainment guys are featured in a profile on Instictmagazine.com

One More SOCKET Party Picture

SOCKET star Derek Long with
producers Doug Prinzivalli and John Carrozza

Photo by Ivan Corona

More SOCKET Party Pix

SOCKET associate producer Krista Pelen.

Actor Danny Casillas (CHICO'S ANGELS) and 
SOCKET Producer Doug Prinzivalli.

Actor Danny Schmitz (THE BAD SEED) and 
SOCKET Producer Doug Prinzivalli.

Make-up artist Gage Hubbard and 
comedian Bobaloo (FULL RELEASE)!

Director Michael Simon (GAY ZOMBIE) 
and SOCKET Producer John Carrozza.

Actors Ossie Beck (MUNICH, SCREENING PARTY) and 

SOCKET Producer Doug Prinzivalli with 
Jimmy Waters, Mr. Gay L.A. 2007.

Party Promoter Jovy Janolo and SOCKET 
producers Doug Prinzivalli and John Carrozza

Superstar deejay Shannon Zeta-Jonez

SOCKET "girlfriends" Allie Rivenbark and Rasool Jahan

All photos © Andrew Le


SOCKET: DVD Release Party was a blast!

April 1, 2008 - TLA Releasing threw a party to celebrate the release of the film SOCKET on dvd.

Pictured above (L to R) : Director Sean Abley and his partner/producer Matt Mishkoff.

Hosted by promoter Jovy Janolo and producers John Carrozza, Doug Prinzivalli, Matt Mishkoff, and writer/director Sean Abley, the event was held at MJ's in Silver Lake.
Pictured above (L to R) : editor Dave Kittredge, actors Tim Hearl, Matthew Montgomery, Bridgette Wright, associate producer Krista Pelen, actor Bobaloo, makeup artist Gage Hubbard, actress Alisha Seaton, actor Jay Costelo, composer Jennifer Kes Remington and makeup assist Ben Gunther. In rear, promoter Jovy Janolo, producers John Carrozza and Doug Prinzivalli and writer/director Sean Abley.

The crowd of well over 200 guests included SOCKET cast members Derek Long, Matthew Montgomery, Rasool Jahan, Allie Rivenbark, Bridgette Wright, Alisha Seaton, Bobaloo Koenig, Mari Marks, Jay Costelo, and Tim Hearl. Cinematographer Ivan Corona, associate producer Krista Pelen, composer Jennifer Kes Remmington, makeup artists Gage Hubbard and Ben Gunther, and set decorators Noah Naylor and Staci Mallet rounded out the crew.
SOCKET star Matthew Montgomery

SOCKET star Allie Rivenbark and producer John Carrozza.

SOCKET writer/director Sean Abley, composer Jennifer Kes Remington, actors Bridgette Wright and Bobaloo Koenig!

Also on hand were SOCKET editor Dave Kittredge (writer/director of the forthcoming PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER), and his PORNOGRAPHY cast members Pete Scherer, Dylan Vox (also of THE LAIR), Jon Gale, Steve Callahan, David Pevsner, Larry Weissman and Mike Justice. 
Left to Right: Pete Scherer, Kevin Stea (NAKED BOYS SINGING) and Dylan Vox.

Actor/dancer/singer Kevin Stea (of NAKED BOYS SINGING), Stefan Pommepuy (DARKNESS AWAITS), Steve Gill (BEVERLY KILLS), Stephen Twardokus and Gaetano Jones of 3-DAY WEEKEND and, Gabriel Romero (DANTE'S COVE) were there as well. Actress Lisa Wyatt (DONNIE DARKO, SOUTHLAND TALES) and SCREENING PARTY cast members Dennis Hensley, Ossie Beck (of Steven Spielberg's MUNICH), Erin Quill and Nora Burns also made an appearance.
SCREENING PARTY cast members Ossie Beck, Erin Quill, Dennis Hensley and Nora Burns with producers Doug Prinzivalli and John Carrozza.

SOCKET writer/director with FINAL DESTINATION writer Jeffrey Reddick

Filmmakers Jeffrey Reddick (writer of FINAL DESTINATION, DAY OF THE DEAD), Michael Simon (GAY ZOMBIE), Michael J. Saul, (TRUE LOVE), Rob Williams and Rodney Johnson (LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP, BACK SOON, 3-DAY WEEKEND), Matthew Mishory and Ed Singletary (the upcoming PORTLAND) mixed and mingled with Mr. Gay LA 2007, Jimmy Waters as dj Shannon Zeta-Jonez spun a fabulous mix.

Special thanks to Lewis Tice at TLA, Damian Pelliccione @ MJs, dj Shannon Zeta-Jonez, Matt Skallerud @ PinkBananaWorld.com, Fabrice Tasendo @ Gaywired.com, Danny Schmitz and of course the fabulous Jovy Janolo!!!
SOCKET actress Alisha Seaton and promoter Jovy Janolo.

All photos © Brain Putnam

THE LAIR's Dylan Vox startles producer Doug Prinzivalli.