REUNION to premiere in Miami on May 2

REUNION, a short film co-produced by Velvet Candy, Wait! What? Productions and Dennis Hensley for HBO's Shout GLBT Short Film Series (Dennis' script was one of three chosen by HBO) will have it's world premiere on May 2 at the Miami Film Festival and also play at Outfest in LA and Provincetown. HBO is tentatively scheduled to air the film on one of its outlets in June.

The film, directed by Dennis (his debut as a director!) is about a TV design show host who returns to his small Arizona town, boyfriend in tow, to attend his 20-year high school reunion--and then some crazy and surprising stuff goes down. It was loosely inspired by Dennis' own reunion.

We shot the film over two days, March 26th and 27th, at Casita Del Campo restaurant in Silver Lake and also at the kitchy Pink Motel in Sun Valley. It was a great opportunity for Velvet Candy to work with cinematographer Joseph White (SHELTER), who did a superb job making LA locations look like Arizona. More to come soon.

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