Still in development: WILDCAT ROAD–a jet black comedy paying homage to the wild 1960's era exploitation films. WILDCAT ROAD is the story of three studmuffin go-go boys (Mack, Jett and Kevenn) who hit the hot desert road after accidentally killing their crooked boss. Along with Tammy, the spitfire female hostage they pick up along the way, they find deadly situations, thrilling encounters, balls-out action, steamy sex and possibly some hidden treasure ... as they uncover the lurid mystery of the old ranch on Wildcat Road. Velvet Candy Entertainment and Dark Blue Films bring you the genre-busting roadtrip of a lifetime.


SWITCHCRAFT: A Sex Comedy Written and Directed by Sean Abley

In Development:
"These guys are going to be playing for the other team..."

PROLOGUE: Late 1600s. Henry, an English colonist, casts a spell over Caleb, causing his compatriot to lust only for him. Discovered by the town magistrate, the two men are condemned and the cabin they share burned to the ground.

TODAY: A bachelor party, spending the weekend at a house deep in the Massachusetts wilderness, unwittingly releases the erotic energy, along with the ghosts of Caleb and Henry. One by one the men succumb to their newly developed sexual urges for each other.

SWITCHCRAFT is a gay sex comedy, filled with hot men, steamy sex scenes, and tons of laughs.



Now in development: Picking up months after the events in SOCKET, SOCKET 2: BRAIN CELL begins with Murphy waking from his coma to find Dr. Andersen is not only in on his secret life, she's taken the fetish to extreme new levels. She and the handsome Dr. Phillips (a new character revealed to be the instigator of the first movie's events, and Murphy's ex-boyfriend as well) have discovered a way to "plug" into the human brain. Using this technology the doctors enter the still comatose Bill's consciousness with terrifying results.
SOCKET 2: BRAIN CELL surpasses the original with highly charged sex scenes, scares, and twisted humor, redefining the term "mindfuck". From the same team at Dark Blue Films and Velvet Candy Entertainment who brought you the original.