VELVET CANDY: What's Happening Now?

Sign at our local Baptist church - wonder what the answer is - "Yes. But only one. Next question!" or "No. But you may not have any fabulousness in your life either."

We can't believe it's almost been a month since our last post. Either we've been in producers' rehab or just really busy with other stuff. The truth is...somewhere in between. OUTFEST left us exhausted (...and busy!). We needed some time to deal with some business issues (like selling SOCKET to a distributor and shopping SCREENING PARTY around for TV), creative issues (like moving to the next levels with our next THREE film projects) and personal issues (like finally settling into our new home/office!).

We saw over 20 films at OUTFEST - we can recommend a few - 2 MINUTES LATER, TWO SIDES OF THE BED, STARRBOOTY were among our personal favorites. Films by our groovy filmmaker friends : Michael Simon's short GAY ZOMBIE, Michele Mulroney & Micah Schraft's SUNNY & SHARE LOVE YOU ,Rob Williams' BACK SOON and Rosser Goodman's HOLDING TREVOR are also highly noteworthy. We find it oddly interesting though that most of the high-profile, highly promoted and "buzz-worthy" festival films are the most disappointing, predictable and safe. Go figure.

So - what news do WE have to announce? Well - as previously mentioned, SOCKET will be screening at Gaylaxicon on October 6 in Atlanta, GA and at Reel Affirmations on October 19 in Washington D.C. We also just got word that we will be at another BIG gay film festival in November (details to be announced shortly).

As far as distribution goes, there will also be an announcement shortly, but suffice to say you may be able to own your very own SOCKET dvd shortly after Christmas!

Our THREE next projects are still sorta "top secret" at the moment, but the first script is already making the rounds and creating a certain buzz in the gay indie film circle. We think this project will be a wild, roller coaster ride filled with sex, drugs, violence and rock-n-roll. No, it's not about Britney, Paris, Nicole and Lindsay.

In the meantime, we've been avoiding most of the summer "blockbusters" in favor of catching some great cult classics from the 60s and 70s. Be on the lookout for wacky, wonderful stuff like BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING, THE LAST OF SHEILA, TOURIST TRAP and our new favorite blaxploitation sexromp/action thriller - BLACK SHAMPOO (featuring DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Celeste - Tanya Boyd!!!)

So - enjoy the last few weeks of summer, have yourself a "screening party" and check back soon for some BIG NEWS from Velvet Candy Entertainment.