SOCKET: DVD Release Party was a blast!

April 1, 2008 - TLA Releasing threw a party to celebrate the release of the film SOCKET on dvd.

Pictured above (L to R) : Director Sean Abley and his partner/producer Matt Mishkoff.

Hosted by promoter Jovy Janolo and producers John Carrozza, Doug Prinzivalli, Matt Mishkoff, and writer/director Sean Abley, the event was held at MJ's in Silver Lake.
Pictured above (L to R) : editor Dave Kittredge, actors Tim Hearl, Matthew Montgomery, Bridgette Wright, associate producer Krista Pelen, actor Bobaloo, makeup artist Gage Hubbard, actress Alisha Seaton, actor Jay Costelo, composer Jennifer Kes Remington and makeup assist Ben Gunther. In rear, promoter Jovy Janolo, producers John Carrozza and Doug Prinzivalli and writer/director Sean Abley.

The crowd of well over 200 guests included SOCKET cast members Derek Long, Matthew Montgomery, Rasool Jahan, Allie Rivenbark, Bridgette Wright, Alisha Seaton, Bobaloo Koenig, Mari Marks, Jay Costelo, and Tim Hearl. Cinematographer Ivan Corona, associate producer Krista Pelen, composer Jennifer Kes Remmington, makeup artists Gage Hubbard and Ben Gunther, and set decorators Noah Naylor and Staci Mallet rounded out the crew.
SOCKET star Matthew Montgomery

SOCKET star Allie Rivenbark and producer John Carrozza.

SOCKET writer/director Sean Abley, composer Jennifer Kes Remington, actors Bridgette Wright and Bobaloo Koenig!

Also on hand were SOCKET editor Dave Kittredge (writer/director of the forthcoming PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER), and his PORNOGRAPHY cast members Pete Scherer, Dylan Vox (also of THE LAIR), Jon Gale, Steve Callahan, David Pevsner, Larry Weissman and Mike Justice. 
Left to Right: Pete Scherer, Kevin Stea (NAKED BOYS SINGING) and Dylan Vox.

Actor/dancer/singer Kevin Stea (of NAKED BOYS SINGING), Stefan Pommepuy (DARKNESS AWAITS), Steve Gill (BEVERLY KILLS), Stephen Twardokus and Gaetano Jones of 3-DAY WEEKEND and, Gabriel Romero (DANTE'S COVE) were there as well. Actress Lisa Wyatt (DONNIE DARKO, SOUTHLAND TALES) and SCREENING PARTY cast members Dennis Hensley, Ossie Beck (of Steven Spielberg's MUNICH), Erin Quill and Nora Burns also made an appearance.
SCREENING PARTY cast members Ossie Beck, Erin Quill, Dennis Hensley and Nora Burns with producers Doug Prinzivalli and John Carrozza.

SOCKET writer/director with FINAL DESTINATION writer Jeffrey Reddick

Filmmakers Jeffrey Reddick (writer of FINAL DESTINATION, DAY OF THE DEAD), Michael Simon (GAY ZOMBIE), Michael J. Saul, (TRUE LOVE), Rob Williams and Rodney Johnson (LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP, BACK SOON, 3-DAY WEEKEND), Matthew Mishory and Ed Singletary (the upcoming PORTLAND) mixed and mingled with Mr. Gay LA 2007, Jimmy Waters as dj Shannon Zeta-Jonez spun a fabulous mix.

Special thanks to Lewis Tice at TLA, Damian Pelliccione @ MJs, dj Shannon Zeta-Jonez, Matt Skallerud @ PinkBananaWorld.com, Fabrice Tasendo @ Gaywired.com, Danny Schmitz and of course the fabulous Jovy Janolo!!!
SOCKET actress Alisha Seaton and promoter Jovy Janolo.

All photos © Brain Putnam

THE LAIR's Dylan Vox startles producer Doug Prinzivalli.

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