SOCKET: Sex, Plugs, Shock & Control

As word of SOCKET has spread throughout the internet, we've recieved a few inquiries about the gay content of the film.
People seem to want to know a) if the characters are "out" and b) is there sex & nudity in the film? Our answers are
"yes, yes & yes". Our lead characters of Dr. Bill Matthews and Dr. Craig Murphy are "out" in the sense that their sexuality is never questioned - like it should be in real life. Yes they are gay, yes they are doctors, yes they are involved in a storyline where their sexuality is inconsequential to the plot, yet prominent throughout the film. Our two female leads also happen to be lesbian and just to keep thing interesting we have transgendered actress Alexandra Billings playing a straight woman!
As for sex & nudity - we feel that it's a natural part of the storytelling. Don't you hate it when there's a hot love scene in a mainstream film and when they are finished, the characters roll over and they are wearing underwear? That totally ruins it for us. We believe that people are often naked in real life and therefore for a story to be told realistically, why shouldn't they be naked within the context of a film? After such recent indie films as BROWN BUNNY, SHORTBUS, 9 SONGS and KISSING ON THE MOUTH, there isn't much that we could do to shock our audience sexually...but none of those films used electricity as an erotic element. SOCKET does. Go ahead and plug in... :)

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