SCREENING PARTY: Meet the Partiers, Part 3

MEET ROSS (played by Ossie Beck): geeky film school drop-out and video store clerk, straight and single. Ross is like that intimidating Amoeba Records clerk who silently judges you when you buy the latest Kelly Clarkson CD. Yet, underneath the tattooed exterior, he’s just a teddy bear, Henry Rollins meets Greg Behrendt, complete with the ‘dude speak.’ Dennis and Tony meet Ross while renting PRETTY WOMAN at the video store and invites him over because he seems to know a lot about movies and as Dennis tells Tony, “We can’t just make fun of people’s outfits.” Before you know it, Ross bonds with the others and a genuine friendship is formed. Ross will soon become known for his Fun Facts, little known nuggets of trivia about the films in question.

MEET DR. BEAVERMAN(played by Nora Burns): former rock n’ roll groupie turned therapist. Loves to hear herself speak and often refers to herself in the third person. Dr. B’s read every self-help book there is, but has issues with Oprah’s god complex. Though her credentials are rather dubious and her observations can sometimes be totally bonkers, she’s often remarkably insightful and she’ll always deliver plenty of food for thought.

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SCREENING PARTY Rocks! Congrats - Can't wait to see everyone in Action!