Pictured above (L to R) : Co-host with the most Doria Biddle, John Carrozza, Doug Prinzivalli and the fabulous Frank DeCaro!

Velvet Candy Entertainment had a great time at the Sirius Satellite Radio Outfest Party on Tuesday night. Hosted by Frank DeCaro and Doria Biddle of (what else?) "The Frank DeCaro Show" - the party was a who's who of who's fabulous at Outfest 07. Other guests attending include actors Sam Pancake (whom Doug has worked with on a variety of TV and film projects), the brilliant Jane Lynch, Suzanne Westenhoefer and Jason Stuart. Also there were writers and pop-culture experts Jim Colucci ("The Q Guide to the Golden Girls") and the ever-sexy Rick Andreoli ("Mondo Homo").

On Wednesday morning, Doug and writer/director Sean Abley were guests on the above mentioned "Frank DeCaro Show" - spending much of the half hour discussing SOCKET as well as lesbian prison films, Chicago's Manhole gay bar, very special episodes of "Designing Women" and even "The Funky Phantom"! It was a great time and we hope to do more publicity like this in the coming weeks & months!

Pictured above: John Carrozza, the sexily scruffy Sam Pancake and Doug Prinzivalli at the Sirius Satellite Radio party!

Pictured above: Hottie writer Rick Andreoli, John Carrozza and Doug Prinzivalli at the Sirius Satellite Radio party!

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