SOCKET: Meet Derek Long

Derek Long brings the character of Dr. Bill Matthews to life with his smoldering eyes, seductive charm and sexy, unpredictable mannerisms.

Derek was born and raised in Farmland, WI.. Ever since Derek directed a first grade recess production of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, he's been bitten by "the bug". Derek moved to LA in 2000, where he's been acting in film. His most recent performance was in the delightful upcoming gorefest GAY BED & BREAKFAST OF TERROR.

In addition to his powerful breakthrough role in SOCKET, Derek can also be seen in the recent BLACK DAWN and DAYDREAM OBSESSION 2. With Derek Long aboard, we at Velvet Candy Entertainment know exactly where the wild things are!

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Anonymous said...

I wish my doctor looked like Derek Long!!!
What a hunk!