SOCKET: Meet Matthew Montgomery

Matthew Montgomery was born and raised in Southwest Texas. He started acting soon after his father explained that the little people he thought were living in his television set were actually actors.

After moving to Los Angeles, at age 18 to study at USC, he accepted a scholarship to Point Park Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA. He had his feature film debut in GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, which gained much recognition in the indie film circuit.
He has also co-produced and starred in LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP, a romantic comedy and film fest favorite.

Matthew's seductive smile and super-sexy body are prominently featured in SOCKET, making us all wish we had intern Dr. Craig Murphy by our bedside.

Matthew can also be seen in the forthcoming feature BACK SOON as well as in JOURNEYMAN, PRIMEMATES, BOB STEEL, YARD SALE and REIGN OF THE DEAD. Matthew also had a role in the acclaimed internet fan series STAR TREK: HUDDEN FRONTIER.

Velvet Candy Entertainment was excited to cast Matthew in SOCKET and looks forward to see this rising star continue to rise!

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Anonymous said...

Matthew's a hottie. Looking forward to seeing him on the big screen. SOCKET sounds great guys!!!