SCREENING PARTY : Meet the Partiers, Part 1

MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER meets FRIENDS in SCREENING PARTY, a semi-scripted short film about the way art--even art that’s not really art like, say, PRETTY WOMAN--can affect people’s lives in ways both ridiculous and profound. SCREENING PARTY is an uproarious comedy adapted from the book by Dennis Hensley and is a co-production of Velvet Candy Entertainment. SCREENING PARTY will have it's World Premiere this July (date to be announced soon) at OUTFEST.

The story begins when Dennis, a struggling journalist and our show’s narrator, is given the opportunity to write an essay for a British movie magazine about the film PRETTY WOMAN for it’s "Hooray For Hollywood Hookers" Issue. Remarkably, Dennis has never seen PRETTY WOMAN, so suggests to his editor, “How ‘bout I invite a bunch of mouthy friends over, watch PRETTY WOMAN for the first time and write about that?”

MEET DENNIS (played by Dennis Hensley): a journalist, our ringleader, quick-witted and occasionally biting but also empathetic. His easy-going, non-judgmental personality is the glue that holds the party together. Single and gay. Like Carrie Bradshaw in SEX AND THE CITY, Dennis has an eye on the big picture, what it all means, if you will.

MEET TONY (played by Tony Tripoli) : Dennis’s roommate and best friend, a handsome cruise ship crooner who, when the story begins, is desperate to find a new line of work on land. Tony works a series of odd jobs starting with singing waiter. Hilariously bitchy and a great mimic, Tony can always be counted to say the un-PC thing that everyone else is thinking and his supernatural charm somehow allows him to get away with it.

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