SCREENING PARTY: Meet the Partiers, Part 2

MEET LAUREN (played by Erin Quill): half-Irish, half-Chinese, raised-in-Australia aerobic teacher and aspiring stand-up comic. Romantically involved for years to her musician boyfriend, Barry (played by Chil Kong), who won’t pop the question. Struggles with reconciling her career aspirations with her desires to settle down and start a family. She was a geeky teenager who turned out to be pretty cool. Lauren gets to "play Julia Roberts" in the hysterical re-enactments of PRETTY WOMAN. From the brown polka-dot polo match dress to the blonde theme-hooker look, Lauren proves that the original film is a tribute to bad 1990s fashion mishaps.

MEET MARCOS (played by Felix Pire): entertainment attorney, sweet natured, boyishly excitable, gay, HIV-positive and dealing with it. The least jaded of the bunch. Marcos often tells rambling stories about his movie going history that are dubbed “St. Olaf Stories” by the others because of their long-winded similarity to Betty White’s hometown reminiscences on THE GOLDEN GIRLS. A closet Betty Crocker, Marcos prepares theme desserts to go with each movie the group watches, like brown polka-dot cupcakes to match Julia's dress. Bon appetit! Marcos has his dream come true when he gets to "play Richard Gere" in the PRETTY WOMAN re-entactments.

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